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Having Internet Issues

If you are experiencing your device acting slow at home, it might not be the device, the slowness you are experiencing might be the internet connection. To verify if the internet is the issue, please run a speed test. Here are some speed tests to see what your speed overall for network is like. You should have speeds over 10mb up and down.

4 Key Tips on correcting WIFI Issues

  • Place your router in the center of your home, preferably in the room where you use your devices the most. Don’t put your router in the basement, garage, or a distant corner. Also, make sure that your cables are tight—loose connections can affect how well your internet works.
  • Make sure that your router is in an open area. If appliances or other devices are blocking your router, it can mess with your connection. Don’t hide your router in a cabinet or box!
  • Some activities draw more bandwidth (amount of information sent over a connection). Things like video conferencing, streaming, and gaming use more bandwidth. If there are important video calls or other work that needs to get done, think about pausing streaming and gaming at that time.
  • Try out your devices in different parts of the home to see where they work best. Many school-issued computers may need to be used in the same room as the router.