Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging

Our Mission and Goals

“Quienes somos, de dónde venimos y hacia dónde vamos.”

The DEIB Task Force empowers Pan American Academy Charter School to cultivate community through representation, celebration, and preservation of all identities. Our goal is for all faculty, staff, students, and families to feel welcome and safe as integral members of our shared space. 

Diversity Task Force

Diversity– At PAACS, we appreciate diversity that consists of the visible (race, ethnicity, culture, and religion) and invisible (disability, sexual orientation, gender, etc) qualities that make you, you. We strive to use these lived experiences to innovate in education. 

Equity– Here at PAACS, we strive for EQUITY in the classroom and beyond through our commitment to inclusive education and access for all so that everyone’s needs are met. 

Inclusion– At PAACS, we embrace and hold space for everyone so that they are represented and respected. 

Belonging– We are continuously working toward creating a space where everyone is seen and accepted for who they are at PAACS.

Books on Diversity