The Practice of Mindfulness

Since 2018, Pan American Academy Charter School has implemented the practice of mindfulness.  Mindfulness refers to the process of focusing your attention in the present.  The idea of a mindful mindset is to help students deal with stressful or overwhelming experiences.  There are many benefits of mindfulness ranging from academics to social-emotional.  We hope that as a result of practicing mindfulness our students can focus more, have improved social skills, have higher self-esteem, and can regulate their emotions.  

As a part of our mindfulness program students engage in yoga, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, discovering and understanding feelings, and meditation.  Our hope is that these skills will prepare students for the stresses of life inside and outside of school.

The goals of mindfulness at Pan American Academy Charter School include an increase in:

  • Academic achievement
  • Focus
  • Social skill and emotional regulation 
  • Self-esteem
  • Sleep habits
  • Self-management skills
  • Social awareness and interpersonal skills
  • Responsible behavior
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