Third Grade

As an IB World School, we engage our students in units of inquiry that are relevant, challenging and globally significant. Our students are inquirers who acquire knowledge and skills and they are thinkers who search for deeper meaning and understanding.

Who we are

In this reflective unit, students inquire into how their actions impact the world around them. Students explore elements of government and its role in society.

Where we are in place in time

Students explore elements of the Universe and how they are interrelated. Students investigate the sun, moon, lunar cycles and other celestial bodies. A field trip to the Franklin Institute caps off this unit of inquiry.

How we express ourselves

In this artistically focused unit, students explore a variety of mediums by which people express themselves. Students also take into account how messages are received and perceived.

How the world works

This transdisciplinary science unit focuses on the structures of life and how organisms adapt and survive within ecosystems.

How we organize ourselves

This unit explores both the geographical and societal aspects of the world around us. Students inquire into the factors that impact the needs and wants of communities and how survival is reliant on trade.

Sharing the planet

In this unit, students extend their knowledge of the water cycle as they explore the ways in which patterns are present within water. Students are introduced to elements of water consumption, scarcity and pollution and come to develop an understanding of the human impact on this natural resource.

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