Second Grade

As an IB World School, we engage our students in units of inquiry that are relevant, challenging and globally significant. Our students are inquirers who acquire knowledge and skills and they are thinkers who search for deeper meaning and understanding.

Who we are

In this unit, students learn to analyze conflict both internally and externally. They discover strategies to resolve conflict and understand how their actions can make their community more harmonious.

Where we are in place in time

This historically focused unit allows students to explore a variety of influential figures and their impact on society. Students explore the contexts in which historical figures came to be and their perspectives on the world around them.

How we express ourselves

This cross cultural unit introduces students to the beliefs and values of others and how authors share them through storytelling. Students are inspired to find similarities and differences in stories from around the world.

How the world works

Students investigate the relationship between the Earth’s structures and its physical attributes.  Students also delve into the causes of natural disasters and our societal responses to them.

How we organize ourselves

Students explore the characteristics of aquatic habitats, their inhabitants and how they are connected.  Students inquire into our shared human responsibility

Sharing the planet

Students also develop an understanding how human actions affect life around them.

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