Fourth Grade

As an IB World School, we engage our students in units of inquiry that are relevant, challenging and globally significant. Our students are inquirers who acquire knowledge and skills and they are thinkers who search for deeper meaning and understanding.

Who we are

During this unit, students inquire into the systems of the human body and how they are interconnected.  Students visit the Mutter Museum to spark their interest and lead them into further exploration.

Where we are in place in time

Throughout this unit, students explore the concept of migration and the effects of migration on societies.  Students investigate perspective and come to understand the causes and effects of migration.

How we express ourselves

This unit introduces students to the concept of persuasion.  Students investigate advertising mediums and how they influence societal decision making.

How the world works

Students explore the concept of change as they develop an understanding of the Earth and it’s changing form.  Students explore landforms and the minerals that make up Earth materials.

How we organize ourselves

In this science based unit, students investigate the connection between electricity and magnetism.  Students build circuits and make connections to real world technologies.

Sharing the planet

Students explore the rights and responsibilities of children around the world.  They inquire into differing perspectives and reflect on the causes of child labor.  Students participate in a factory simulation that supports their understanding of the unit.

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