First Grade

As an IB World School, we engage our students in units of inquiry that are relevant, challenging and globally significant. Our students are inquirers who acquire knowledge and skills and they are thinkers who search for deeper meaning and understanding.

Who we are

Students will uncover family identities. They will explore family structures as well as routines and traditions for families around the world.

Where we are in place in time

Students will explore how people use maps to help orient and find their place in the world. They will discover units of time and how they are determined by the sun and planet.

How we express ourselves

Students will inquire into symbols and how they are used to express ideas shared by a group of people. Students will explore community, state, national, and world symbols and their purposes.

How the world works

Students will explore the different types of force and motion as well as how simple machines function.

How we organize ourselves

Students will explore how products go through a process before arriving in our homes. They will also explore how the environment impacts product production.

Sharing the planet

Students will explore how insects impact life on Earth. They will inquire into the characteristics and impact of insects.

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