Fifth Grade

As an IB World School, we engage our students in units of inquiry that are relevant, challenging and globally significant. Our students are inquirers who acquire knowledge and skills and they are thinkers who search for deeper meaning and understanding.

Sharing the planet

We learn about the availability and limitation of natural resources. Students explore our impact on and responsibility towards our environment.

How we organize ourselves

Students will explore the interconnectedness of organisms and the ecosystems they are a part of.   Students inquire into factors that impact survival and cause adaptations.

How the world works

Exhibition is the culmination of the Primary Years Programme.  During this unit of study, write and inquire into their own unit of study.  A common central idea guides students as they outline their personal/group inquiries.  This year, the central idea is “ Innovation brings change.”

Where we are in place in time

Students inquire into the concepts of expansion and colonization from the perspective of both natives and immigrants.

How we express ourselves

Students will explore self expression through culture, dance and choreography. We participate in Dancing Classrooms Philly, a 10-week program where students learn several ballroom dances and explore the cultures from which they originate.

Who we are

We will inquire how governmental systems provide structure and organization. We learn how bills become laws and explore the branches of government. The unit will culminate with a trip to historical landmarks in Philadelphia.

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