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This section contains useful information about the 2021-21 school year at Pan American Academy.

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Health & Safety

School Supplies

Uniform Policy

The Uniform Policy can be found on pages 26-28 of the Student and Family Handbook.

Is is expected that all students will be dressed in full uniform at all times, starting on the first day of school, until the last day of classes. Full uniform must be worn for all school events unless otherwise indicated. No outside jackets, hoodies, accessories are permitted to be worn in school as part of the uniform. Students are expected to store any additional items of clothing on their classroom hooks or in their locker. Students should not be leaving uniform items in their lockers to change into once they arrive at school. It is important for parents to monitor children as they leave for school in the morning to ensure they are in full uniform. 


All students are expected to dress appropriately when attending virtual classes. All students are expected to adhere to basic standards of cleanliness, modesty, and good grooming. Students who fail to dress for school as required by this policy will be subject to disciplinary action, which may include a disciplinary write-up, parent notification and a detention. It is expected the parent will attempt to rectify the situation to the best of their ability. Please be advised of the following consequences for failure to comply with uniform policy: 


School Bus Information

Parents have multiple ways to communicate with the School District of Philadelphia:

Please note: The service vendor assigned to Pan American Academy Charter School is Total Transportation. They service routes 7520, 7521, 7523 & 7524.

Parent Flat Rate Program

The School District of Philadelphia has launched a pilot to provide a $150 monthly payment (upto $1,500 total) per household for the 2020-21 school calendar year to parents who choose to opt out of bus, van or cab assignment for their child to be transported to and from school. This will begin when school is open for some form of in-person learning. This is not applicable when school is 100% virtual.

Enroll in the Program

Home Visits

Home visits are an essential part of the positive school culture at pan American Academy. Home visits afford our entire school community a very valuable interaction filled with lots of information that, if used properly and purposefully, can yield great benefits for parents, students and teachers alike. All of our teachers are required to schedule, and attend, a meeting with the parents of their students in an effort to gain further understanding into mutual expectations. You will receive a class list with contact information to begin scheduling 20-30 minute sessions with families. There will be several opportunities during one week in August set aside to conduct home visits. Please do not schedule home visits during the times designated for Professional Development and/or other activities. You may be flexible with your schedule on the days designated for home visits.

You are permitted to continue conducting home visits after the school year begins for students you were unable to contact before school started.However, you must make these appointments for before or after school.